HAKI edge protection system was installed on the Project Sapphire site in Cambridge to help ensure that work was completed with zero incidents. 

Project  Sapphire, the new £3m purpose-built extension to Granta Park in Cambridge, was completed with zero incidents thanks to the combined efforts of JB Developments & Construction, and construction safety specialist HAKI. 

Granta Park, a 120-acre science, technology and biopharmaceutical business park, was first opened in 1997 and is home to many prestigious tenants such as Medimmune, Pfizer, PPD and TWI. 

The project started in April 2016 and ran for 16 weeks, with completion in July 2016. An impressive 1,200 tonnes of reinforced steel and 4,000 cu m of concrete were used to build three research and development laboratories. Reducing risk and minimising hazards was a major part of Project Sapphire. 

JB Developments & Construction, a specialist concrete basements and reinforced concrete frames contractor, was determined to provide a safer working environment for all its workers on the project.   


First-rate safety 

JB Development & Construction found that the lightweight, durable tammet systems barrier, accompanied by a selection of TC-Components, was the perfect solution for ensuring workers’ safety on site. Installed on multiple levels surrounding the project, the tammet systems barrier helps prevent any falling objects and debris from harming passers-by below. 

JB Developments & Construction’s project manager Jon Harwood says: “HAKI’ edge protection solutions ensured first-rate safety for all our site workers throughout Project Sapphire.” 


Fully compliant with EN 13374, class A, the barrier system provided a highly effective edge protection solution that was able to guarantee the safety of all Project Sapphire workers.  Following the successful completion of the project in July 2016, JB Developments & Construction was able to ensure zero incidents throughout the entirety of the project. HAKI was proud to be part of such a prestigious project and to have helped provide an incident-free working environment.