About HAKI

We believe heritage and values are integral to our success. From local origins in a small village in Sibbhult, to a 65-year heritage of quality Swedish engineering, we understand the power of collaboration, partnerships, innovation and a responsibility to our people & environment in achieving our ambitions.

Although the head office and production are still located where it all started, HAKI has grown into an expansive global organization. Known for quality engineering, design and training for complex and demanding projects to make life safer for people working in challenging environments.

Although we think globally, it’s our commitment to strengthening partnerships locally that enables us to understand the changing needs of the industries we service. With bigger know-how comes bigger ideas, a larger investment into innovation and a more expansive capability to address the industry challenges of the future.



With productivity and efficiency at the heart, our focus on safety remains steadfast in everything we do. 

We never compromise on safety.

Our big priorities




Never compromise on safety!


Dependable, safe and ergonomic solutions:

HAKI systems are developed to give people working in challenging environments maximum safety. You will find well-known and adaptable products such as System Scaffold, Weather Protection, Bespoke Platforms, Edge Protection, Access, Worker Safety and more. All HAKI systems provide easy assembly and great durability, which saves both time and money whilst improving safety.


Supporting our customers


Increasing customer knowledge:

We offer some of the safest products on the market and our commitment is to continually innovate to ensure that you get the right product for your application. Through R&D into new systems, products and components or investing in new digital innovations- boosting our connectivity and virtual tools seen in the expansion of HAKI BIM, HAKI Configurator and HAKI Training platforms to customers around the world. We also offer on-site product familiarization sessions for our range or intensive courses where needed to ensure that customers feel confident when using the range.

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Developing responsibility practices


Work with a sustainable partner on your next project:

Sustainability is a critical part of HAKI’s long-term growth and we have pinpointed 3 commitments for development -

  • Being a front runner in safety
  • An environmental partner
  • Being a responsible company


These commitments align to the United Nations General Assembly Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We strive to provide safe and healthy working conditions, play a role in environmental progress through developing components with a long product life and being a role model for high ethics and equality, within our industry.




HAKI is a global brand, represented in countries all over the world but our head office and production are still located in the small Swedish village where it all started – Sibbhult.


The company, HAKI, are a part of Midway Holding AB’s Safe Access Solutions business area alongside Novakorp, EKRO, Norgeodesi and Vertemax. Acquired in March 2021 Vertemax has now completed a full brand integration with HAKI. Midway Holding AB also hold FAS Converting, Landqvist Mekaniska and Normann Olsen Maskin.




HAKI exists to make life safer for people working in challenging environments all over the world. We promise to never rest in improving and innovating for safe access solutions and services. Our vision is safe conditions for everyone working in challenging environments.


We at HAKI believe in change - today, tomorrow and in the future. We are always looking for new business opportunities and new ways to help our customers. The most important thing is not only being the world’s best supplier of safe access solutions but what our products can do for our customers. That’s where we can make a real difference.

Deliver maximum safety and efficiency on your next project

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