Design & Engineering


Improve cost, time and project management in temporary works with the HAKI Building Information Modelling (BIM) add-in to Autodesk Revit®. 


Speed in design 

Specifically developed for scaffold designers and engineers, HAKI BIM speeds up the design process for complex projects and reduces lead times for clients. Users can create detailed 3D scaffold designs using HAKI products, in significantly less time than traditional 2D CAD drawings, for all types of applications – from independent and birdcages, through to temporary bridges and roofs


With added capability to automate lines and walls of HAKI Universal scaffolding and HAKI Stair Towers, HAKI BIM is now even quicker than ever before. 

Accurate outputs 

The depth and accuracy of HAKI BIM also reduces risk of error. This ensures scaffolding and temporary access solutions are safe and fit for purpose before they are implemented on site, to avoid later delay in projects whilst helping you achieve maximum safety and efficiency in any environment. 


Precision in design also results in exact bills of materials (BOM), weights, and basic loadings, removing the need for tedious and time-consuming manual calculations. This also assists with the planning of logistics and space requirements in the early stages of a project. 


Superior presentation 

Besides great operational benefits, HAKI BIM offers superior quality presentations to customers. There’s the capability to add realistic rendering and integrate with AR & VR tools, to give stakeholders the opportunity to explore solutions in real-life environments prior to build. 


Designs can also be easily shared with anyone via a link. Upon click, users can view 3D models, drawings, and BOM in the Autodesk Viewer on an internet browser. They can also explode and mark-up the models to comment on or query any elements, which can then be reviewed by colleagues or consultants with access to the linked design. 


Easy access 

As an add-in to Autodesk Revit®, HAKI BIM is easily accessible through the popular software. There is no need to purchase or download any other programme. 



Please subscribe for access and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing. 


Summary of HAKI BIM: 

  • Easy access through Autodesk Revit® for scaffold designers, engineers and other licence holders 
  • Create detailed 3D scaffold designs for projects in less time than traditional 2D CAD  
  • Reduce error in design for project safety and efficiency 
  • Export accurate designs, BOM, and weight information 
  • Present designs with real-life rendering or walk-around using VR tools