HAKI, A Midway Holding Group Company, Has Acquired Vertemax 


HAKI AB, a Midway Holding Group company, Malmö, Sweden, has acquired the UK based company Vertemax, which in an excellent way complements HAKI by providing solutions to working at height. Vertemax’s sales has increased sharply in recent years and amounted to approximately SEK 180 million in 2020. 


“We have been in contact with Vertemax for a long time and it is very satisfying that we have been able to reach an agreement under the current circumstances. Vertemax has a strong product portfolio that fits well into the global trends in the form of stricter legislation on occupational safety and meets the increased demand for fall protection and protective screens.” said Thomas Schüller, Haki’s CEO.  


Vertemax was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Aylesham, United Kingdom. It has around 35 employees, with a development facility in nearby Canterbury and sales offices in Toronto, Canada and Bratislava, Slovakia. Vertemax designs, develops and markets workzone safety products and access solutions. Its largest market is the U.K., with the City of London being the main focus for new construction projects. In recent years, they have seen strong growth in Canada and their sales office in Bratislava was recently opened to cover the Eastern European market. Vertemax has seen their sales increase to approximately SEK 180 million in 2020. 


“We look forward to becoming a part of the Midway Holding group of companies. We see this as a strategically important step for us to be able to create more value for our customers. With our consolidated capabilities and resources, we are convinced that we will generate a stronger platform for future growth”, said Gary Taylor founder and CEO of Vertemax. 


“We see excellent opportunities for synergies between Vertemax and HAKI, including developing our common markets together and jointly utilizing our logistical capabilities ” said Thomas Schüller. “In the long-term, the acquisition creates opportunities for us to participate in consolidating a fragmented niche market.” The acquisition also strengthens the opportunities for organic growth by being able to offer Vertemax’s products to HAKI’s customers in Scandinavia, and HAKI’s products to Vertemax’s customers in the U.K. And in Eastern Europe, by marketing our offerings. 


Vertemax was founded in 2010 and today has about 35 employees. The company is headquartered in Aylesham in the southeast of the UK, with a development department in adjacent Canterbury. Sales offices are located in Toronto, Canada, and Bratislava, Slovakia. 


For more information, please contact: 

Thomas Schüller 


Mail: thomas.schuller@haki.se 

Phone: +46 44 494 00