Placing Collaboration With Our Partners At The Heart Of Our Business Worldwide 


As a global leader in safe access solutions, we exist to raise the standards for safer sites and safer people through our systems, products and training in every country we are working in or entering.  We know we can’t achieve this alone, and therefore we have placed collaboration with our partners at the heart of our business worldwide.   


Proud of its status and reputation as a global leader, HAKI has made major investment into a cutting-edge BIM tool, available exclusively to all customers worldwide.  Enabling unrivalled accuracy and utility right from the very outset of projects, even before tenders are submitted, the HAKI BIM tool removes any margin of error in the design and specification of the safe access solution, meaning customers have full confidence in the proposed costs for equipment, requirements for labour in installation and eventual removal. However, most importantly, it guarantees a fully safe access solution.   


Today, HAKI is present in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Central Europe and North America and we are growing not just in territories but in the comprehensive systems and product ranges offered to meet the highest safety requirements for any workzone – from inception right through to its completion.   


HAKI is a growing company, both through sales and acquisition strategies. In 2019, HAKI acquired Span Access Solutions, a specialist access solutions business for complex environments and structures. And in 2021, HAKI acquired vertemax, a leading workzone safety company and the market leader for edge protection for high-rise construction, and also for rail and industrial protection.   


The established history and 65-year heritage of Swedish engineering know-how & quality, combined with the entrepreneurial vertemax puts us in the best possible position to create a great future together. These businesses, their technologies and product solutions are adding new complementary layers to the unique HAKI proposition. And by combining our expertise, we are stronger in our commitment to simplify the lives of our customers in an even more efficient and meaningful way.    


Looking to the future, our acquisition pipeline includes additional products and services that further bolster our offering. In doing so, we will build on our strengths with tailored solutions that give us a competitive advantage for the years to come.  


This acquisition strategy works alongside our Innovation stream, which sits at the very heart of our business. With a combined investment, our focus is on now bringing together our capabilities to deliver innovation through our technology and support, designed to provide the greatest level of protection.  


We take great pride and responsibility in being a purposeful brand. Part of our mission is to never compromise on safety. Whether supporting challenging, complex, or diverse environments, we aim to make a difference, never compromising on safety to ensure everyone’s life is safer. Furthermore, we are committed to being a pace-setter for sustainability in the workzone safety industry and are working towards being carbon neutral. By 2030, we’ll aim to have reduced our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. During this transition, we’ll be offsetting our emissions via a carefully-selected land re-forestation project in Panama called Tropical Mix, which aims to combine sustainable forestry alongside their work on the conservation and protection of the area’s bio diversity and ecosystems.