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HAKI Ltd and this privacy policy

HAKI Ltd, Reg. No. 1203497, G1, Pacific House, Relay Point, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 5PA UK (”HAKI” ”we” or ”us”) develops and supplies fast, secure, safe and ergonomic temporary access solutions and offers our customers first class technical solutions, design support, training and flexible financing options – developing long term relationships with clients all over the world.

HAKI is the data controller of your personal data and consequently responsible for ensuring that it is being processed in accordance with this privacy policy. HAKI is committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring that your personal data is being processed in a secure way is important to HAKI. We comply with all applicable laws to protect the privacy of individuals.

It is important to us that you feel confident in what personal data we collect and the way in which we will process it. Hence, this privacy policy covers all necessary information regarding our processing of your personal data. Should you, however, have any further question, please contact us by using the contact details below.

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What personal data do we collect and where from?

The types of personal data that we collect may, depending on the context, include:


  • name and contact information including address, phone number and email address;
  • your job title/position;
  • delivery and billing information, payment information and other information that you provide in connection with the purchase or delivery of a product or service.
  • job application documents, such as your resume and cover letter, including photo, where applicable;
  • purchase/order history;
  • IP address; and/or


We may collect your personal data from the following sources:


  • HAKI’s website, e.g. when you subscribe to our newsletters, send us a message using our contact form, or apply for a job;
  • when you contact us by email or by phone; and/or
  • through an agreement or other business contact, where you are the contact person;
  • from downloaded software developed by HAKI and/or third party developers engaged by HAKI;
  • from an invoice, on which you are the contact person; and/or
  • from third parties in the form of group companies.


Why do we process your personal data?

We collect and process your personal data based on the following legal grounds and for the following purposes.


  • Performance of a contract: For the handling and administration of purchases, deliveries of products, to send you newsletters which you have subscribed to, as well as to process job applications.
  • Consent: Usage of photos for marketing purposes.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation: We save invoice documentation and job applications and/or recruitment documentation in accordance with applicable accounting laws and regulations.
  • Legitimate interest: In order to be able to communicate with you by email and, in order to handle and administrate purchases carried out by a representative of a company, we process that representative’s personal data, as well as in order to maintain business relations and market our products and services.


Retention of personal data


HAKI takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely. Your personal data will never be stored longer than permitted by applicable law or longer than necessary to fulfil the above stated purposes. Your personal data will be processed by us during the time periods set out below, and thereafter erased.


  • Customer, distributor or agent: If you are a customer, distributor, agent, and you have entered into an agreement with the Company, your personal data are saved for as long as necessary in order for the Company to perform the agreement with you, e.g. until we have delivered the product or performed the services that you have ordered, but for no more than two year after your last contact with the Company. This includes, inter alia, fulfilling delivery or warranty commitments. However, this does not apply if we need to save your personal data for a longer period of time due to any of the reasons stated below.
  • Representatives of companies: Your personal data is saved for as long as you are listed as the contact person for a company with which HAKI has business relations.
  • Job candidates: We save your personal data including your cover letter and resume as well as photo, if applicable, during the recruitment process, until the recruitment process is completed and for a period of up to six months thereafter, in order to be able to defend potential legal claims.
  • Communication: If you have contacted HAKI by email, your personal data will be stored as long as necessary for us to complete any request or handle any issue for which reason you contacted us.
  • Legal obligation: The Company saves any documentation that constitutes accounting information in accordance with applicable accounting legislation.
  • Direct marketing: We may process your personal data for direct marketing purposes for as long as one year after the customer relationship has ended, unless you object to your personal data being used for direct marketing purposes.
  • Consent: Where we process your personal data based on your consent, we will only save your personal data for as long as we have your consent to do so.


Transfer of personal data

HAKI always observes great caution when transferring your personal data and your personal data is only transferred in accordance with this privacy policy and after taking appropriate security measures.


  • Partners outside the group of companies that HAKI belongs to: Our partners, i.e. companies outside the group of companies that HAKI belongs to and which are approved by HAKI, may get access to your personal data for the purpose of delivering purchased products, dispatching direct marketing by email, keeping statistics on the usage of HAKI’s website and performing IT support on HAKI’s IT systems. The majority of these types of partners are engaged as HAKI’s data processors.
  • Business transactions: If all or part of HAKI’s business is sold or integrated with any other business, operation or company, your personal data may be disclosed to our advisors, potential buyers and their advisors, and be transferred to the new owners of the operation.
  • Legal obligations: Your personal data may also be disclosed for the purpose of HAKI’s compliance with certain legal obligations and it may be transferred to relevant public authorities when permitted and required by law.


Under certain circumstances, personal data may be transferred to countries outside of the EU/EEA. The data protection laws in some of these countries may not provide as strong protection with respect to your privacy as the EU ones do. If so, HAKI will take all appropriate measures in order to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected and that all processing is performed in accordance with this privacy policy. You can always be confident that all transfers of your personal data to countries outside of the EU/EEA are carried out in compliance with applicable data protection laws, as HAKI will ensure that at least one of the following conditions are fulfilled in relation to each of those transfers:


  • the receiving country ensures an adequate level of protection;
  • HAKI has collected your consent prior to the transfer;
  • an agreement including certain standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission (2010/87/EU) have been entered into between HAKI and the recipient, without any conflicting changes or amendments;
  • the recipient has adopted binding corporate rules for the processing which have been approved by the relevant supervisory authority and the recipient of the personal data in the third country is bound by these rules; or
  • for transfers to the U.S.A., the recipient has self-certified to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Principles under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and registered on the Privacy Shield List managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Withdrawal of consent

Sometimes we might need your consent in order to be able to process your personal data, e.g. with respect to the use of photos in which you appear. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using the contact information below. Such withdrawal may be made in whole or in part.


Your rights

You have the right to request information about what personal data concerning you that we are processing and how it is being used by contacting us in writing on the contact details below. You are also entitled to request correction of incorrect, incomplete or ambiguous personal data concerning you by contacting customer service. For the protection of your privacy and your personal data, we may require that you identify yourself in connection with our assistance.

In accordance with applicable data protection laws, you also have the right to request that your personal data be erased or that the processing of your personal data be restricted. In certain situations you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and request that your personal data be transmitted in an electronic format.

You may file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you believe that HAKI’s processing of your personal data is not carried out in accordance with applicable laws.




Please note that the terms of the privacy policy may be changed or amended. Any new version will be published on HAKI’s website. Consequently, you should review these terms on a regular basis to make sure that you are satisfied with the changes. In case of any material changes we will, however, email you, if you have given us your email address, to make you aware of any changes made.

If the changes concern processing of personal data that we carry out based on your consent, we will give you the opportunity to once again give your consent to the processing on the new terms presented.




If you have any questions related to this privacy policy, if you suspect that a breach of this privacy policy has occurred, or if you would like to contact us for any reason stated in this privacy policy, please contact us on the contact details provided below.

+44 (0)1827 282525