The Future of Edge Protection Safety

31% of all workzone injuries are happening when working at height. Edge Protection isn’t just important, it’s vital to safety.

Working at height in construction poses many significant risks that can result in accidents caused by falls from height or objects falling from above. According to RIDDOR, a shocking 31% of all injuries in the construction industry happen when working at height.

Accident data also show that slips, trips and falls cover a further significant percentage of worksite injuries. When people fall, it is most often in a lunging motion, forwards or backwards. This is when the gap opening left by inadequate Edge Protection provide little prevention.


A New Era Of Edge Protection & Workzone Safety 

Edge Protection has evolved drastically from 2x4 timber planks to wire rope and fabric straps. Each of these solutions offered some degree of safety and were practical alternatives of the past. However, in 2023 we build higher, faster, and even more technical buildings. Our collective protection MUST therefore also evolve.

Today, engineered Edge Protection systems are readily available, and include Barrier Systems, Catchfans, and Fall Protection solutions. These systems meet or exceed regulatory standards and whilst 2x4 timber, wire rope and fabric straps meet the minimum requirements of most regulations, they should not meet the safe work site expectations of workers when better solutions are available. An effective Edge Protection system provides an excellent defensive line against hazards protecting those working on the project as well as the public and your company.


Addressing A Legacy of Poor Containment In North America

  • Fabric straps provide limited protection - coverage of just 18%
  • Traditional timber provides poor protection - A 2x4 timber top rail plus a 2x4 mid rail provides coverage for about 7.5 inches or about 18% of the distance from floor to top rail
  • Wire rope provides almost no protection – as little as 2% coverage, leaving an opening of about 20 inches between the top rail and mid rail


HAKI Edge Protection Offers Up To 100% Containment

Adopting and installing HAKI Edge Protection on your project offers the best collective protection solutions, including 100% containment and fall arrest safety to help prevent accidents associated with working at height.

Discover our full range of Edge Protection solutions, including the market-leading Barrier System, the Catchfan range and Fall Protection products.


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